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I can not do that=_=
and I didn't let a girlfriend of his she move the another account again

I stop this myself for doing this to my old friends

at least I feel better and change myself into a grown up and never being childish ever again :XD:

you know people been hate or rant to any people who horribliy bad

they doing porn pic on da
bullying  people
calling names to someone very
killing people because of fan brats
or being nasty I think

and now stalking people
yeah is not worth it like that

i feel sound like superkiel
but don't worry i feeling not a allowed to be come a stalker like him

i have some another new friends i meet and needing a biggest better life :aww:

i will keeping a lot my promise to never start stalking them no matter what and all always be my friends same is my true buddy Brandon/conkeronine:doublehug: revamp  

i stay be Love and rebeginning for friendships
inside out oc 2: beauty by purplebat106
inside out oc 2: beauty
emosion name: beauty
age: 20
weight: 100ibs
height: 3'0"
like: fear and disgust , being beautiful
dislike: being ugly and disgusting stuff same is disgust
voice: linda larkin
bio: riley is at school she want to inviting them to her  slumper party tonight, at 5:00 riley friends are here then later they doing a makeovers , she represents beauty she a most pretty and a most gorgeous emotion then disgust when riley and her mom was beautiful

inside out (c) by Disney pixar
beauty (c) by me
inside oc 1: cuteness by purplebat106
inside oc 1: cuteness
emotion name: cuteness
age: 1
weight: 60 ibs
like: being joy fear and sadness, cute,cute baby things
dislike: anger, scary things
voice: none yet
bio: she respresents cuteness,she a new emotion a most newest baby emotion to meet them in Riley's head when riley having the pet for Christmas morning and next month she scared by anger when he overreacting at her and make her cry then joy make her happy and giggles

inside out (c) by disney Pixar 
cuteness (c) by me


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kyah peterson
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Hello names kyah Peterson

Birth: 3/1/94

Age: 21

Side: bored quiet and rexlaxing




:iconcheckmarkplz:reading and math at the collage

:iconcheckmarkplz: playing game

:iconcheckmarkplz:watching TV AND YOUTUBE

:iconcheckmarkplz:created a cool CHARACTERS AND AWSOME OC'S
:iconcheckmarkplz:MAKING A FANART

:iconcheckmarkplz:MAKING A GIFT TO A GOOD PEOPLE and making a story and



:iconxplz: yelling people

:iconxplz:Mary sues and Gary Stus being a dickhead


:iconxplz:spoiled brats butthurts

:iconxplz: art thiefs

:iconxplz: stalkers

:iconxplz:Chris chan makes video


:iconxplz: art block

:iconxplz: good people to leaving


Favorite video games: super mario world donkey kong country 1 2 3 donkey kong 64 banjo kazooie banjo tooie luigi's mansion super mario 64 killer instinct street fighter 2 spiderman snes diddy kong racing 64 viva pinata super mario sunshine jet force Gemini perfect dark kameo legend of Zelda ocarina of time legend of Zelda twilight princess moral kombat 1 2 3 snes super smash bros super smash bros melee super smash bros brawl dragon's lair dragon's lair II time warp dragon's lair 3D crash bandicoot 1 2 3 sly cooper skylanders and strider a lot clayfighter games
not favorite games: all sonic games never played never again I never being a sonic huge fan like them again

Favorite color: red purple blue and black

favorite food: pizza cookies Salen and fruits
Favorite drink: dr pepper diet Pepsi and coffee and cold water


Favorite show: Spectacular spider-man ultimate spider-man tuff puppy Inuyasha bleach chobits one piece galaxy angels alot pretty cures bonkers super mario bros super show blazing dragons black butler ranma 1/2 donkey kong country (the tv show version) berenstain bears from 80's and 2000's family guy the simpsons amerian dad futrama snookums and meat show and phineas and ferb chowder the real ghostbusters batman the animated series sailormoon and batman

FAVORITE BAND: gorillaz Micheal Jackson creed korn Whitney Hudson puddle of mudd white snake linkin park korn nickelback pink floyd Taylor swuit Bryan Adams Cher backstreet boys josh groban the beatles and Katy perry

Not my favorite: Justin Bieber


Great mouse detective the lion king batman forever Aladdin who framed roger rabbit cool world wreck it ralph castle in the sky ponyo howl's moving castle and back in the furture

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Anything wrong sweetie? Why are you so upset?
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KYAH! I have changed! You've gotta believe me! YOU WILL listen to me! I've changed! I've really really changed! You need to listen to me! I've stopped stalking you! Isn't that good? I know it is! Isn't that what you wanted?! Well I stopped! Please hear me out!

oO-CrazyShadowCat-Oo just doesn't believe I've changed, but I did!
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Frank225 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2016  New Deviant Professional Traditional Artist
Please let me talk with you Kyah. I've changed.
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